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5 Naturopathic Tips For Healthy Living with Ella Bigno

1. Going holoholo in Hawaiian means going out for pleasure. With an endless display of Big Islands spectacular natural attractions, nothing rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit like immersing yourself in the elements.

2. Intermittent cleansing is an essential part of maintaining health and vitality in an increasingly toxic world. I recommend substituting breakfast with a fresh green juice and happily adhering to colorful plant based nutrition to flood your body with essential nutrients while giving your body the time and extra energy for restoration.

3. Build a relationship with Hawaiian grown plant medicines. You’ll be amazed that everything we require for healing and restoring balance is provided for us by the Aina (land). Watch some of our educational videos and sign up to our email list to be notified of our workshops and programs on healing plants.

4. Creative and artistic expression. It is easy to become inundated with daily responsibilities, work, and mindless time leaks such as social media. Remember to dedicate time to your art and any kind of fun and creative expression that will ignite your imagination and satiate your inner child.

5. It is a noble act to dedicate half an hour every morning to nourishing activities in alignment with your values and goals that will set the foundation for your day and pave the way to bright future prospects. I recommend guided or silent meditation, outdoor exercise, yoga, reading self-written positive affirmations, herbal tea, an inspiring book, sitting in the garden, and journaling to name a few.

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